• Cool Dog Items

    Cool Dog Items

    They don't make them easy to find, but L.L.Bean actually makes some cool dog items. If you go to the website, click on the "Hunting & Fishing" drop down menu, in the first column is "Dog Supplies". They have beds, bowls and booties, but what really caught my eye are the pet mats, and the personalized coll...

  • Pup Protector

    Pup Protector

    How fun (and practical) are these! Ultra-bright lighted LED leashes andcollars to help you and your dog be as visible as possible wherever you gotogether! The folks at Pup Protector said, "You rarely see someone riding abike at night without some sort of blinking light; we want that to be thecase for ...

  • Bow Ties & Flowers

    Bow Ties & Flowers

     Ok, these are not as awesome as the Pup Protector collars, but think of them as "daytime" wear!  The bowtie cracks me up and the flower makes me think of something Carrie would wear on Sex and the City! The company is called LuxeMutt  and their designer was a principal designer for Barbie Collector Dolls....

  • Compawssion


    Caught a few minutes of the Ellen show the other day when Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory was a guest star. Kaley has rescued three pit bulls one of which is featured in the book, Compawssion, a beautiful black and white photo album of rescued dogs. After the show I hopped on the internet to check out th...

  • A Star is Born

    A Star is Born

    Have you seen the movie, The Artist? It’s a brilliant film that won the academy award for Best Picture in 2011. While the lead actors were terrific, the star that stole our heart was Uggie, a Jack Russell terrier (pictured with this post). Uggie was rejected by his first two owners as being too wild. He was...

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Welcome to Tails of the Beach!

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