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01 Mar, 2013

We’re delighted you found us! Because we have two Jack Russells that go everywhere we go, fellow dog owners were constantly asking us questions about having dogs at the beach. This site was created as a source for all things related to having “tails” here at the Delaware beaches.

As you look through the various categories, please let us know any pet vendors that we’ve left out and we’ll add them (we’re just starting to populate each list). Also, if you’ve thought of something we’ve missed, please let us know. If you find incorrect information or a link that doesn’t work, please tell us. We want this to be your go-to site if you’ve got paws in your house!


About the author

Deb Griffin

Deb Griffin is a REALTOR® and writer living at the Delaware Beaches. She is best known for her newsletter, The Local Buzz, which keeps beach residents in the know. Her passion for paws, inspired by a trio of Jack Russells that stole her heart, prompted her to create Tails of the Beach.

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